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Recent Projects


In Blood Song player take on the role of Mari, a Siren Princess with a rebellious nature. She just wants to play her music, but her mom forbids her from singing with her band and locks her in her room. With no other options Mari sneaks out the palace and using the power of her music fights her way to her concert.


Project Element is a proof of concept RPG game. The game is meant to showcase what a quest in a fully developed version would be. The game focused on meaningful decisions by the player as the step into the role of a law officer in a fantasy steam punk world.  Depending on the players stat allocations, dialog choices, and actions the games questline can can have three unique outcomes.



Chromamancer is a turn based RPG game with a painting base combat system. Gameplay requires players to defend and attack against appropriate paint colors in order to defeat enemies. Certain enemies have unique characteristics such as being able to mix colors, and cast a spell to make the player colorblind. 

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